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I am a Leader and I help people.

• National President, Green Party of the Philippines (GPP-KALIKASAN MUNA)
• Director for Multimedia Affairs, Aksyon Kalikasan (Eco Actions PH)
• Board of Trustee, Luntian Center for Environmental Governance
• PR and Events, Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH)
• National Secretary-General, Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD)


Proud descendant of Charlemagne and Franklin D. Roosevelt,

I am from the Delanoy (later on Delano) family, a family of Nordic origin, I am a Filipino with multi-blood line including American, Brazilian, Spanish and German. My love for the Philippines is as great as I love my life. Besides the usual work, I am also a single father, a proud dad to 3 kids, a blogger, a leader, an inspirational and motivational speaker, a cosplayer, and an events organizer.

David D'Angelo

A People person and thinker of creative and innovative ideas

I live a tumultuous childhood, growing out without both parents.  I have to get pass through life learning through various lessons on my own.  My ideas, attitude, and life are inspired by friends, acquaintances,  music and the love for my country.

Blogs and Websites

Game Seer PH
Game Seer PH is your website for updates on games including tournaments, releases, news and more.
Red Cloud Inteactive
Red Cloud Interactive Marketing Services is your partners in developing and growing your organization and business enterprise.  We offer team building, brand development, digital marketing, and events.
Red Cloud Gaming
Red Cloud Gaming and Esports is a community of gamers, streamers and fans that brings gaming to a whole new level with content and events.
Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH)
Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) is a Japanese-culture organization established in 2010, which organizes events, charities and membership activities as inspired by Uzumaki Naruto.  Motto is "United As One."
The Products Blog
The Products Blog is a site which features reviews of products and services including food, restaurants, gadgets and more.  It also features local and international tech updates.
The Life Trends Online Magazine
The Life Trends Online Magazine is a blog and news site which features the latest trends in fashion, entertainment, technology, social media and more.
Travel Philippines Today
Travel Philippines Today is your website to Discover the Philippines anew! Join us and be part of exposing its beauty, history, culture, and people. Revive our values and be one with the country.
OtakuPlay PH
OtakuPlay PH is a blog site dedicated for Anime, Manga, Cosplay and other Pop-Culture related enthusiasts. Based from Philippines, OtakuPlay PH started last September 2010 which aims to feature Philippine Cosplayers and cosplay events in the country.

amPOGI Show

This channel is created for the purpose of bringing you videos of various genres. You will find food reviews from the restaurant I visit, games I love to play, event coverage and random stuff about my life experiences. I am open to collaboration too.

Visit my YouTube Channel
Red Cloud Gaming and Esports

Shen Play Games!

Join fellow gamers and streamers in this newest Facebook Gaming Community. As part of the team and co-founder, I usually stream games like Mobile Legends, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online. In the future, we will review more games as well. Don't forget to donate.

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